Frequently Asked Questions

Why Six Sigma?

The bottom line is that individuals with specialized training in Six Sigma are in high demand. Employers know that Six Sigma methodologies can decrease cost and defects, while increasing profits and market share.

Regardless of what label the top leadership of your company stamps their initiatives with, the goals of every world class company align with goals, tools and techniques taught within Six Sigma.


Why Achieve Six Sigma?
Achieve Six Sigma was created because we know how Six Sigma knowledge can put your company on the path towards greater success, but over the years we found that contributing to a company’s success is far less rewarding than becoming a partner with our students and seeing they grow as individuals within their organization and provide stability for their families. This is why we have removed the obstacles to high quality education, by utilizing the very tools and techniques we teach, to provide the best value in Six Sigma Education that the industry has to offer.


Do I need knowledge of advanced statistics
Our program will include a full version of statistical software. This program will do all of the calculations for you. Your job will be to correctly interpret and convey the information to stakeholders. Just like drafters don’t sit at tables with a square and pencil, Six Sigma Professionals do not labor over high end statistical calculations.


How long will it take
A motivated individual can do amazing things in a short amount of time. Some people prefer to take it easy and digest the information slowly. The course will give you full access for a year, not unlike most courses, but feel free to ask for an extension if needed. We committed to your success and are here to help at every step in your journey to success.


What if I already have a certification coming into your course

We stand apart from the countless Six Sigma providers in terms of quality and content. Our course is developed in a three step format that builds upon the unique knowledge provided in each area. We seldom accept outside credentials, yet we selectively accept certifications from

  • Gemba Academy
  • American Society for Quality
  • Council for Six Sigma Certification providers
  • American Institute for Quality providers


What will I receive on completion
Unlike some providers that will send you a PDF file to print out upon completion. You will receive an ultra-high quality professional certification suitable for framing. You will have completed on of the best training programs in the world and you should be able to proudly showcase this in your work portfolio or display these credentials in your office.


Will the certification state the course was completed online?
Although we do corporate training both online and in person. We provide the same high quality certifications whether we conduct the training one on one with a CEO, as a group for a selected Six Sigma candidates, or with our individual online self-study courses. The Achieve Six Sigma certification is universally recognized and will not include your companies name or state the mode of learning.


What if I have connection issues during the test?

We are your partners in success and we are here to remove roadblocks, not create them.

Simply contact us and we will address any problems that you encounter. We have a customer first policy and your complete satisfaction is important to us.


What if I choose to withdraw?
The course work is challenging but we are here to support you. The content is not created to blow you away it is just a higher level than the competition. If you have underestimated your time constraints, remember we can always extend the time. We are here to support and work with you in every situation. If you truly feel that it’s not the right fit, we encourage you to let us know within 1 weeks of the purchase so that we can give you a refund.